Difference between astronest and league of legends

Astronest: Small supportive community. Highly competitive Long term progression vs short term progression clearly visible Community just straight out targets every person that is offensive. Lack of dev communication (however, they do take suggestions) Pay to win at early levels, free to play and free to win long term. Community is stable due to game genre. No esports League of legends Huge, but rather unsupportive and destructive community. Highly competitive Free to play, you don't need to buy anything to win the game(or a match) short or long term. Community targets everybody, even those who have done nothing wrong Highly communicative dev team on one server, lack of communication on other(no specifics, due to nature of community) Community is unstable: can have huge increase and drop in the same year or stay stable for years. Has esports. So...hmm...maybe esports is the problem of league? While it allows league to be totally free to play, it also causes community to think league has to be exactly the same on all levels of play.
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