Stop ruining our games by giving up just after a few deaths

I've been noticing this in the new season more than ever. The game became faster paced, meaning, the team that is ahead can snowball easier, I understand that. But, just because someone dies in the early game, doesn't mean the game is over. So, whoever you people are, don't ruin the game for everyone else, just because you don't think you're gonna win the game. People just give up after a few deaths and that immediately lowers the morale of the team, specially if the person decides to not even try anymore, so they either run around the base or they overextend when farming, not caring if they die or not. If you're that easily discouraged, then don't play this game, simple as that. You're not meant to stomp the enemy and if that's the ONLY thing you're looking for, then go play some PvP MMORPG and pick a Slayer or Assassin character and have a blast. But stop destroying the games of 4 other team members. This happens way too much, so either get mentally stronger and don't let a few deaths get to you or just don't play Ranked. That's all I'm asking, not too much to ask, huh? Seems reasonable. It's making me not wanna try to climb anymore, because obviously a lot of people don't have the mental strength to endure some mental pressure for 30-40 minutes, so they just don't care and they purposely don't try anymore. It's making Ranked an unenjoyable game mode. Stop it.
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