How to calm down in ranked?

Hello my fellow summoners. I've been playing LoL for about 2 years now, and I'm an okay player. But, I lose my goddamn mind every single game. I flame a lot, beacuse I get pissed, blame my team, but after the game I realise I fked up and im the reason we lost, I realise even in game that I fked up in a trade or something, and after that I can't calm down at all and i'm tilted as hell. I'll admit, i'm a pretty toxic player, and I'm trying to reform (like Tyler1, stop being toxic), and it was good for a while, but it stoped working about a week ago (lul da memz). I just lose my sh**. I want to ask, how do I stop being toxic, and how to stop being tilted after losing first blood? Thank you :)
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