Riot, Improve Ranked Behaviour Please.

1. First game of the day. Skipping...and going to the boards. Time played 0 minutes. Reason: Jhin mid, no tank, chat flame. Same shit every day. Trolls. 2. After 5 minutes penalisation. Start a game. DC. Remake. 100% of my games today with trolls either on my team or the other. Is this working? I pass more time in the board than in game... 3. Starting a new game. Talking to the team at champions selection screen. Nobody reply. Instalocks. No tank. Error 404 team spirit not found. Bad feelings... PS: No surprise here...our jungle was a total noob, I suspect it was some kid playing his parent account or similar situation of not main account. Twitch jungle, no ganks, minute 10 ZERO wards placed, no farm, no damage, no objectives, no assists. Those stats are not even bronze 4. Not fair at all. 4. This game was looking ok...ok at champ selection screen.... Enemy jungle, NOCTURNE afk ALL GAME LONG. They could NOT remake. Tired of this bull shit either team... +19LP...for a game won 4v5?¿¿ Not fair at all... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} 5. Adc ask to change his role. Adc says she is awful as adc. Adc names is XXXXXX TOP. Adc unable to play adc at ranked. Adc 0 wards placed minute 10. As Tahm Kench I save her 3 times eating her on Thresh hooks. The 4th time I cannot save here...she dies... Cait, the adc, afk under turret 5% hp. I ping warning. I say to go back and heal. I save her again eating and spit her back. She comes back 5% hp and die. End of the game, cait no damage, 5 wards placed, lowest vision and damage score both teams. 6. Solo player team but Galio and me supporting. Tristana solo playing bot with no turrets mid and top. Jax solo feeding top with no team fights either. Riven solo jungle ignoring team fights too...that makes 3 solo players. Even enemy is asking if Trist is trolling, ask why she is top ignoring all game. Tristana comes a team fight and does 2 kills 3 assists... Enemy try baron...warded by my...we go and stop it..we..I mean Sona, Galio and Jax...we stop them kill some but die...Trist bot solo farming...Riven top solo farming... Trying to support a team with 3 solo players is like trying to eat soup with a toothpick. DEMOTION. 7. Player dc minute 1. 8. Garen top, wrong runes. Vi feeding hard. My adc has lag. I told to try to solve it. He goes dc. Comes, it's not solved...goes afk dc... 9.* Team composition %%%%ed up. About to skip the game, no tanks. Stay, won overwhelming. Proved, skipping is not cannot see players skill there. 10. Spanish jhin non stop flaming and saying "go out". I go mid, help ahri, she get fed. I go team we win... Max assists. Max vision. Almost max damage, more than jhin that's for sure. Easy win once I muted jhin. 11. New game, same adc...last game Jhin... Skipping. 30 minutes penalty to avoid 1 flamer who is not punished in time...
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