The morality of League of Legends

So... I quit playing League of Legends a while ago. It has little to do with me disliking the game, just my hard drive died and I'm too lazy and poor to go buy another one. Anyway, before I stopped playing, I got permabanned, first time for me, but I guess those things happen. That's not something I'd like to talk about so much, as I can't get unbanned on this account. I can get banned on my new account though. Check out this chat log: Game 2131651902: Pre Game Lobby: i3azzle: oh i3azzle: %%%% In Game: [All]i3azzle: hello fellow kled player [All]i3azzle: I'm quite discontent from you taking my pick [All]i3azzle: but gl hf nevertheless [All]i3azzle: we'll see who ints i3azzle: no worries i3azzle: I'll just harass him, use my range i3azzle: I'm not dumb ;) i3azzle: graves is ranged i3azzle: mb i3azzle: I'm waiting for those "ganks", but nothing happens i3azzle: I killed him more than he killed me i3azzle: only he had ganks i3azzle: I didn't : ) i3azzle: 2/1 i3azzle: how about i3azzle: you stfu i3azzle: we'll see in dmg after game i3azzle: all muted i3azzle: vayne is farming top, but I guess just keep on flaming me guys [All]i3azzle: they flame me so I mute them, and they want to report me for it [All]i3azzle: unbelievable... [All]i3azzle: 6/2/3 [All]i3azzle: trollpick [All]i3azzle: pls report them [All]i3azzle: pls [All]i3azzle: give me one good reason [All]i3azzle: why I would want to play with them [All]i3azzle: all they do is flame me [All]i3azzle: literally all of them i3azzle: 1/10 i3azzle: and you talk shit i3azzle: l2p i3azzle: then start flaming i3azzle: how about that? i3azzle: ekko, you're the only reason I'm not afk farming right now i3azzle: you should be proud of yourself i3azzle: I know i3azzle: gj thresh, you did well i3azzle: again i3azzle: good job i3azzle: gj i3azzle: enemy have better brains [All]i3azzle: gg wp You're probably thinking - "you were being toxic, what about it?". Well first of all, as you can see, Ekko was the guy who was actually defending me, as I wrote to him about it. Got jungler, who said he'll babysit me, didn't come top once. Just kept on flaming me alongside another 3 players set on flaming me, because I picked Graves top (new acc, no champs, enemy picked my Kled, that's why I wrote "oh %%%%" in pre game). To be honest, it does look bad, but you know what? It's actually bullshit. Every single line I wrote was a response and I sure as hell wasn't responding to everything they wrote. There's always no time stamps. If this doesn't scream "out of context", then what can? I mean, was I perfect? No I wasn't. But you know what? Most of this game I was playing with my jaw clenched, because I was getting really %%%%ing pissed at them. I probably should've muted them earlier and shouldn't have assumed that they dropped the act and started playing and unmute them for literally one second, after like 15-20 minutes of mute. The thing is, if this is what I get punished for, I don't think I will be getting back to League even after I fix my PC. People telling me they wish my mom had an abortion (yeah, they did) whilst feeding, when I play pretty decently only because they didn't like my pick... and a chat restriction, to top it all off. No "yeah, sorry our community is a bit of a pile of shit". Imagine that somebody whips out a gun on you, but you have a knife, so you stab him in self defence. Then he gets like a year or whatever for pointing his gun at you and you get 5 years for stabbing him. That's how I see the current system. Did I look something over? (Btw - I know I was a bit of a pile of crap in this game but I'm not Jesus %%%%ing Christ and I do get sick of insults eventually, especially if I don't "deserve" them because I play well)
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