Friends in LoL is not what they seems to be.

I have a lot of those friends whenever I play with them, they are always trying their best to win, somewhat toxic when they die but easy to handle. But today I decided to check in my teammates History and details even spectate some games. And oh my god what all LoL players who and mechanic users do when they play solo que. Ima Just name **3** of them here which were the worst toxic friends I didn't think were at all toxic. 1st guy. Spectated 2 of his games, seemingly he got the Jungle role in draft but instead of picking jungle he went mid pick and ingame he started continuously suicide to the turret and then afk for the rest of the game. I messaged him after the game if he wanted to play but he answered with just "Nah I have to eat lunch" as he went into a new solo que game and instantly as it started he went afk after the 3 min has past and ruined the game for his whole team.. Now I am not sure if I want to even be this guy's friend anymore. 2nd girl. Now This is a support main and she always to hella lot when it comes down to respecting her teammates and being positive when it comes to voice chat. This girl ain't as bad as the first.. But when she came ingame as lulu she started csing all of her adc's farm and this happens all 3 games I spectated her, at some points she even abandoned her adc to ward in the herald pit as her adc gets dove bot. The first game which made me start spectate her adc even afked after this happen and then herself went afk. I soon after got a snap from her snapchat of her walking with her horses while she was still ingame on LoL... 3rd guy. This one is probobly the one I hate the most in my opinion. He is always nice in the beginning of every call but when he dies he always flames us for his death and such. That even I hate him. But probably not as much as his teammates does when in solo que or normals. This guy was the one who started making me spectate more of my friends to see if they were the same, He is pretty much the assassin tyrant jungler is what I call him now. Since if you steal his kills when he tries to get them, it's likely that he will just straight out ignore your lane forever and leave even the inhibitor die on your lane without helping and if everyone of his teammates does this he will just continuously go into the enemy jungle and invade even if it cost his life. He usually gives his death the the most imporant member on the enemy team too... And this guy somehow climbed to Plat. Ye right.
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