Perma Ban

ok, i have wasted at least 600 euros in this game, am i stupid? yes. have i been perma banned, os that fair? no. First of all i cant link you the chat logs but ill put the chat in the text u2 ma friend cyka blyat pidar putin vodka stalin ma friend cyka blyat, vodka stalin ruski? cyka blyat xD boostmeister ma frien u saw the video? good breakfast vodka :D vodka ftw ma friend u dont gank my friend, my friend hello my friend u shud drink vudka i dont speak london cyka blyat hi ma friend BICEPS ~~ you are not my friend, you are my brother, my friend my friend... now ill camp you my friend im going in my friend see? i told you my friend stfu trist you are bad ok now ill focus and play for real you are fcked vayne damn look at trist where is she on the follow? nice this is why i am silver this trist is the reason im never helping my team again afk farming bye bye diana why not go in when i did? this team -.- im afk farm if you go drake go alone 7/0.. 8/0 i dont can... im afk farm do it wasted tp lol stop feedign then ill one shot vayne COME FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN cowards come lol nice f yh you cant fight me no one can fight you are all so weak but my team is worse.. how taht escalated quicly drake no? team lets letting them know we goin drake DIED DIE DIE HOLY SHIT PLEASE FCKING FIGHT ME OMG stfu thresh did all even more damage thresh did it true n no you didint ez game man gg ez sorry fir the long text, those were my chat logs. tell me, in any, way, shape or form do i deserve to get banned? please... Why cant i say that my team is bad? please tell me that, i red the terms and condicions and im sorry but if i am playing and i am constantly getting 3 vs 1 and my mid laner (example) is dying one vs one against the worst on their team, can say that my team is bad. ill be honest, league of legends took the life out of me, i loved this game, BUT IT IS SATURATING FULL OF BAD TEAM MATES WHO I CANT SAY ''YOU ARE BAD'' BECAUSE I GET FCKING BANNED BECAUSE OF IT, THIS IS ME FLAMING, NOT SAYING '' YOU ARE BAD'' RIOT GAMES, YOU ARE A MONEY SUCKING FCKING AGENCY AND YOU DONT DESERVE THE POPULARITY TAHT YOU HAVE!!! THERE ARE MUCH BETTER GAMES THAN LOL, BUT I GOT ADDICTED, IT HELPED ME GOING THROUGHT BULLYING AND FORGETTING PROBLEMS BUT ALSO MY MONEY! I LOVED THIS GAME AND I SPENT 600 EUROS ON PIXELS BECAUSE THIS WAS MY PASSION BUT NOW YOU FCKED UP, PEOPLE ARE GETTING DONE WITH THIS GAME, DUNKEY, ALL OF MY FRIENDS, EVERYONE IS GETTING TIRED OF IT AND NOT HAVING FUCKING FUN. now this text is reason for perma ban, not my chat logs, and my chat logs were chat ban worthy, not any kind of ban. PS: fuck you moneysucking whores, you dont care about your community, you didnt ban a flamer, you banned a person who loved you and you fucking blew it with everybody, everybody is getting tired, i only ear ''i hate this game'' when i play, and btw the enemy team was flaming talking shit about me and my team, thats why i started raging and saying fight me like a man, your game is too saturating. wont ever recommend to anyone.
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