Thank you Riot for intentionally ruining the game

I would like you to tell me why i´m getting smurfs in half of my ranked games. You don´t know? Well i do. You are %%%%ing trying so much to punish toxic players in order to get a good community (one that you will never have), what does that do? Well u get a high elo player banned, gj. But he is high elo so LOL is pretty much his life, he won´t stop playing, he will go to another account and legit destroy lower elo games. Now tell me, LOL is supposed to be played for fun right? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE FUN WITH SMURFS %%%%ING EVERYONES GAMEPLAY. But oooooooh gj ur automatic shit report system got him suspended on his main, did he stop playing? NO! its his life after all. The way your game is made makes it impossible to have a good community, and your attempt to make it better is bringing much worse consequences. That´s one of the reasons that when u had tribunal your game was always on top, and each day more and more people are switching to online games where THEY CAN ACTUALLY HAVE FUN. Btw why 90% of smurfs i see are jungler Graves? You also don´t know? Well i do, again. Riot intentionally lets some champions be overpowered, it has been proved by some people with wisdom regaring the game. They nerfed graves and he was where he belongs, just to buff him after again.... typical RIOT. Now that %%%%%%%%%%%% farms faster than any jungler without losing hp so we can see some lvl18 smurfs while everyone is lvl 14 or below. I´ve been playing lol for many years but it´s about time i say: %%%% you riot. Keep launching those stupid and useless videos and lores , People loved your game before smurf spam. I´m done with your shit. PS: gj banning flamers easily but never banning trolls and people that clearly int !
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