Can we get this option please? [Avoid A Player] or A Premades in the future?

Can when i block someone after game [not in my friend list] to never be matched with again until i unblock back? Some premades are really toxic and dirty inside i got AD thresh as support, just told him that this build ain't good etc when he was already feeding a lot, then jax start saying report me for trolling etc, and thresh said that too. And ofc during to that they did not talk too much or flamed or anything they wont get ban (i understand). That's why im not mad or anything at all, i just don't want to be matched with them again. is it possible Riot? And if not please give me 1 reason of why not? Sucks when you only want to have fun, but instead people start mocking you. i mean, its not report-able i understand these players are telling you are too much sensitive or something, they are toxic and dirt inside, if it was a real life, i wont let you talk shit to me, otherwise it would end up, you being face %%%%ed. So Riot give me 1 reason of why i should be matched up with them in the future.
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