Someone who is clearly just as toxic as Tyler1 hasn't even got a chat restriction

Alright so honestly I have been playing with this one guy who was just the most toxic being I have ever whitenessed Like honestly, people like taht should be excluded from LoL just as Tyler1, the only difference is that Tyler1 ACTUALLY learned from his mistakes, while this person obviously doesn't. So noone performs on his best every single game, some games are unlucky circumstances while other games you just are doing some mistakes. I know from myself I'm very tilted if my teammate does mistakes, but I try to actually give information to work with and often I say something which, if the guy who is performing bad would listen, would improve his gameplay, I also try to like cheer people up who are doing bad, often performance is a matter of emotions. So this guy was simply spamming a lot of "you suck" or "you are fking bad" in the chat, not much and insults like "r*tard" followed. He was spamming a lot in the chat, writing in caps lock often writing whole paragraphs, funny thing is, it was nothing relevant to the game it was trashtalking or insulting. "You are one of those brain damaged idi*ts who thinks good attitude gonna win your game, it simply doesn't" Well this sentence is PARTLY true what he said, good attitude doesn't win the games for you, but it HELPS, having a good attitude and being non-toxic helps you and your team to focus and actually look positive at things, improving your gameplay experience. If you write to someone who fked their combo up and died "unlucky, next time you gonna to it better don't worry" has actually a lot of impact as if you write "omg n**b so fking bad uninstall" After a certain time, this guy wrote "I'm going to int, idc about this game I want to lose now" He kept going 1v5 actions and flamed his team afterwards if he died. Or he showed some Tyler1 like behaviour where he gives no f*cks and just dives in 1v5 to kill someone, saying "worth" at the end while it obviously wasn't, our most fed person dying free like that when the deathtimer hit 40+ seconds? Now the enemy is the one saying it was worth trading 1:1 there. I have checked his history and he had many matches looking similar tho this one, he even was on a loosing strike of 8+ games which propably made him tilt even more. Now I went ahead and added some people of his past games, to see if they remember anything about this guy they played with, Almost all of them did, and when I asked them more specific, they all remembered he was very toxic, one or the other even had a screenshot of the chat that showed his toxic use of the chat. Just bann such people already, we have chat analyzis trhough the system for something
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