Normal drafts

Sorry for opening this topic again, but i hope this time riot will also read this. How am i supposed to practice a champ that is permabanned by school kids that play league and are traumatised by that champ they ''can't beat''. I might understand the low elo ranked games where they ban x and y because of the same reason, but at least make normals ban free. Or create another mode where they keep the civilised style of choosing lane before queuing, but without actually banning anything. If your answer would be to play blinds where they can't ban, well blinds are a complete chaos, worse than any other mode where they fight and beat each other up for a role. Listen riot, if normal drafts are for the same purpose of free practicing, then being able to ban champs makes no sense. We should all be able to practice any champ in a more civilised mode than in blind pick.
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