Drunk people is the worst people

So I just had a game with 2 drunken people who were half afk and talked gibberish in chat. It was seriously tilting since it was mostly me vs whole enemy team. Then when the game finally ends I type to my team telling them to freaking to go to sleep when drunk instead of ruining games for others. and what do they do? They join a2nd game with my in it. I dodged imminently but the 2 players doesn't give a crap. They play cause they have fun not because they ruin the game for every single person else. Can we get a new report for being too young/drunk while playing is illegal. It's no difference from driving a car. I feel driving a car and playing LoL you gotta have the same mentality and people who don't have that mentality will end up in the hospital. and here they should end up being banned sicne they are intentionally trying to lose by doing what ever they feel like doin.
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