Just a mini rant about Rito's matchmaking skills. I genuinely can't recall the last game where both teams were with similar skill and the game was close. Every single game that I can recall in ranked has been either a massive stomp or decided by a troll. I woke up this morning feeling very optimistic and ready to play. Game 1: Draven decides to troll, feeds intentionally so we lose the game. Game 2: Xayah rage quits after one deaths so we lose the game. Game 3: Draven bot 0/6 in min 5, jungler with 300 ping, top flaming so we lose the game. Please tell me how to keep a positive attitude when I've lost 2 and a half hours and a lot of frustration. Riot ignorance to this problem is absurd at this point. Would love to hear suggestions how they can repair this crap that has become of Lol

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