14-Day Suspension for this????

Ok so I just got a 14-day gameban for this: Game 1 wargreg2000: 33% winrate on vayne LOLOLOL wargreg2000: you banned my champ wargreg2000: no leash for you wargreg2000: okay that makes 50 dollars wargreg2000: you are sooo bad wargreg2000: I am wargreg2000: unlike you wargreg2000: bronzie %%% wargreg2000: %%% wargreg2000: nice shield janna wargreg2000: :) wargreg2000: exactly wargreg2000: always the french guys wargreg2000: why racist wargreg2000: wanna 1v1 me? wargreg2000: you are negative in adc meta wargreg2000: with janna support wargreg2000: LMAO wargreg2000: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wargreg2000: okay wargreg2000: yes wargreg2000: 1v1 me wargreg2000: if you call me bad wargreg2000: we afk wargreg2000: have fun wargreg2000: now I know why you have 32% winrate wargreg2000: you suck ass wargreg2000: lucian solo carry wargreg2000: honor Ok so this was the only match that got linked so I am asking you if this was really appropriate for THIS... I could understand a chatban but A 14 DAY GAME BAN. I really don't understand this, there were 3 things I could understand but A 14 DAY GAME BAN COME ON RIOT......
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