i contacted riot support about my perma bann and this is what i receive

k this is what i got Hello friend, MrMailman here, with some bad news this time. I investigated your account to see what led to this permanent ban and I have looked over the chat logs. I will provide a couple of excerpts so that I can help you can understand why this decision was taken. Negativity: Brand: 3vs1 Brand: and couldnt kill a miss fortune ... Azir: dude Azir: how late Azir: can you ss Azir: seriosuly Azir: iam 0/3 Azir: thnx Azir: dude ... Azir: viktor Azir: is pushing this entire game Azir: and you gave me 1 useless gank ... [All] Azir: i hope he doesnt count himself as someone [All] Azir: he did litteraly nothing this game anda cts like faker ... Azir: 2/4 Azir: is int Azir: 1/3 not Azir: yi logic Azir: you assist the whole team smh So, lets start about the fact that he said 'thnx' is negative. k strange but nevermind that. lets read. a yi in my team said '2/4 is int 1/3 not' so i responded 'yi logic'. negative. lol? well okay lets forget that go further. 'you assist the whole team smh' ok now im done. how the %%%% is that negative? someone said 'iam sorry for playing bad' and to make that person feel good i said 'you assisted the whole team smh' what the %%%% is negative about helping someone feeling good again? and thnx is negative? bro.. i didnt even wanna post this but srsly. i had to iam still mind blown
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