Playing in different divisons

I have 3 accounts. 1 in S5 1 in S1 1 in Gold2 I play main jungle. I would say, that on S1 and Gold 2, i have a huge impact in team around 70-80% of the times. Even if we lose, i can see i have had a huge impact in the shaping the game. But S5 accounts who were placed B2, i got some lose streaks, and even that i play the same champs, i feel i dont nearly have same impact on that account. I cant seem to get as many ganks, cause my team isnt "allowing" me cause of the positioning etc. I end up atleast not feeding, but i feel its harder to have an impact on S5 account who due to a lose streak gets B1-B2 players in matches. Im not saying i dont have good games, but those games are much more less then my other accounts. I think its just a bit strange. Is it just me who arent that good and i got luck with my other accounts, or is it harder to have an impact as jungler in lower divisons?

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