Hello, first of all let's clear some things out. I don't wanna start off by saying I spent x money/hours on this account because that would make no difference (I think I would get more hate if I'd say that, lol) and I know this thread will make no difference on my punishment, just wanna see your opinion about it, maybe it will make me feel better (or not). I've been banned for 2 weeks, and got unbanned 1 week ago I think. Totally agreed on that one, it was my mystake and I should've known better. Since then I tried my best not to be negative/ not to flame anyone and I did pretty good..till this last game. Got in that game as adc, had an autofilled lux, nothing bad till now. We started the game and I noticed that lux was hitting all my minions, and I didn't want to push the lane, wanted to freeze it so I pinged her a few times (didn't say anything in chat even if I was a little mad) and she wouldn't stop. So we got ganked and we die, before we died I missed this one cannon and lux started flaming me for not knowing how to farm, she was saying that all the bot farm was her farm now. Again, didn't say a thing. Arrived the second time on bot, she was literally using all abilities to steal the farm and that's where my mistake begins, instead of muting her I started "telling" her to stop hitting minions (I'm sure me saying this only aggravated the situation). To make this shorter I was aruging with her till I said "take 1 more minion see what happens" and she did, and I moved top, garen moved bot saying I'm reported for trolling, and so did lux. Here are the chat logs: Torchfvce: keep Torchfvce: %%%%ing Torchfvce: hitting Torchfvce: minions Torchfvce: BECAUSE YOU PUSH THE %%%%ING WAVE Torchfvce: STOP HITTING MINIONS Torchfvce: go ahead Torchfvce: take farm Torchfvce: see what happens Torchfvce: okayt Torchfvce: gl [All]Torchfvce: autofilled lux [All]Torchfvce: taking my farm [All]Torchfvce: go ahead Torchfvce: take 1 more farm [All]Torchfvce: I'm the one trolling? [All]Torchfvce: when he's taking all my farm [All]Torchfvce: lmao [All]Torchfvce: lux is so boosted Torchfvce: im going top btw Torchfvce: dont ping me Torchfvce: ping lux [All]Torchfvce: report lux for trolling [All]Torchfvce: lux, are you mentally ill? [All]Torchfvce: you're taking my farm [All]Torchfvce: I'm not going bot [All]Torchfvce: simple [All]Torchfvce: stop arguing [All]Torchfvce: you're the one trolling Torchfvce: and report me for? Torchfvce: ahri do you see what happens here? XD [All]Torchfvce: I left bot because this kid was taking all my farm Torchfvce: couldn't play like that Torchfvce: that's all u can say Torchfvce: troll? Torchfvce: because lux took my farm Torchfvce: not trolling Torchfvce: switching lanes Torchfvce: since i dont have a supp Torchfvce: muted btw [All]Torchfvce: bruh XDDD [All]Torchfvce: and the only one trolling is lux Torchfvce: ? Torchfvce: lol Torchfvce: nope Torchfvce: I'm adc [All]Torchfvce: nice r Torchfvce: bruhhh XD Torchfvce: it's funny Torchfvce: 2/7 Torchfvce: 1/3 Torchfvce: calling me a troller Torchfvce: sure Torchfvce: sure [All]Torchfvce: he's so mad [All]Torchfvce: 2/8 XDDDD [All]Torchfvce: and a feeder [All]Torchfvce: 2 in 1 [All]Torchfvce: +1 Torchfvce: XDDDDDDDDDDD Torchfvce: wp Torchfvce: go back Torchfvce: lol ty Torchfvce: can I red? Torchfvce: lux ulted to steal my red Torchfvce: LMFAO [All]Torchfvce: gg wp Post Game Lobby: Torchfvce: they didnt int as much Torchfvce: as our lux Torchfvce: inted Torchfvce: literally ulted to try and steal my red Torchfvce: and failed I'm not trying to argue that this isn't a reason to be punished, but in the games after my 2 weeks ban (probably 30+) I wasn't negative at all, trying my best to win and to be positive. And I thought this positivity would count, trust me, if I knew that this would get me perma'd, I would've just shut my mouth (that was the best thing to do anyways since I know I have anger issues). But I don't think I'm among that 0.006% of toxic players since I would never but never flame anyone for feeding or for losing the game for me, hell, I even wanted to add some of them if they would feed 1 game and duo with them because I know that it's just a bad game for them and they can do better, and there are players that will apologize if they are feeding/losing lanes, and that activates my tryhard mode, doing everything I can to win, calling out things and stuff like that. Thanks for reading all of this, took me a while to write it :D
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