A Call to Arms: The end of toxicity in the game.

TLDR; upvote for harsher report punishments to end toxicity for LoL Devs to see I am writing this as I feel like it is my duty to write about this. I feel like this game requires a massive overhaul in the report / banning system, for one simple reason: It is simply way too easy to act like a ****. I doubt any reader hasn't dealt with this, but as a player with 3000+ hours into the game, toxicity has become a day to day thing, which in itself is extremely sad. Having to deal with people that are mad at everyone, nearly every game, is simply not the way I feel like we should be playing the game. There is no act of kindness to be found, or simply neutral behaviour, but merely an act of permanent screaming. With this post, I would like to make a statement and a discussion around the topic of toxicity in this game. I personally think that toxicity in the game should be punished to the extreme. I am talking 50+ games of chat ban / 1 week of ban for single games, without exceptions. In any case, I hope the report system will get a massive overhaul, almost in an extreme sense. We all know that the past intentions of reducing toxicity (honor levels + free loot) has not worked out in the slightest. Do you agree or do you wish to start a discussion about this? Please type in the comments down below, I would love to hear some reactions.
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