Totaly not salt

As i got out of bed this morning to put on my tinfoil hat that was in the "cleansing jar" filled with the tears of my enemy's from yesterdays berserk support carry games. I came to think of those reports that i spent 50 minutes writing after each game per person and how i look forward to see the notifications that people have been punished for their insolence. I sit down at my custom built, none government bugged computer that i salvaged from that time i broke into the local trash treatment plant in a effort to catch the lizard mens weekly world domination meeting off guard. I had no notifications, so my logical conclusion is this: Riot wants the trolls to stay so that good players tilt and get stuck in a elo that they do not want to be in, because if the players reach their goals then they will feel like they "beat the game" and move on to the next game. So if you try to talk back to the trolls that Riot decided to keep, they will chat restrict you and make you more careful in the future and just take the abuse. Its genius. Also, 9/11 was a inside job and the Illuminati rigged Obama´s election... Vote Hillary

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