Wonder support gets banned for troll ??

I know people used to say if you are support you can die all time cause you do it to save your adc ,but that happens less and less that they would die from this reason ... , there should be given bans to supports who roam and let adc 1 vs 2,3 all the game , to support players who don't do nothing bot and just watch them adc taking damage ,to supports who refuse to listen when someone make an recommandation about some items etc... , i seen more often people who refuse to use spellls , or people who sleep with summoner spells and just go die or just no use ignite and exhaust when they should. There shouldn't be any lane forbbiden about any kind of troll ,peace ! All lanes should be getting punishments equaly , that's why i made this article regarding the fact that more often meet lot's of trollers in support role ! Have a nice day ,cause mine was terrible wrong!
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