Somebody restrain me before I choke a laner to DEATH

This is a rant coming from somebody who plays jungle at least twice a day: IT'S NOT MY FAULT WHEN I GANK SUCCESSFULLY AND YOU GUYS FEED THE FUCKING ENEMY ANYWAY GET IT? IT'S NOT. I hear this EVERY fucking round and not a single one of you people that say shit like this have ANY idea how STUPID you sound when you spout nasty lies like that over your own mistakes. Not everyone of you but SOME of you people here on the forums are one of them and I am kindly telling you this: If you make a god damn mistake on your lane and are too much of a scared PUSSY to admit it, then at least don't shove it on the jungler like a fucking angry PETA loyalist that accidentally ate meat and needs to be twice as much as a cunt now so nobody notices what you did. If there is anything that me and other junglers hate more than failing a gank, then it's to deliver good ganks and having shiteating pricks like that tell you otherwise because they suck and want to blame somebody else for the loss. Sorry, the vulgar language was more than necessary because I had to vent for a bit. It's so damn pathetic of some laners that they think they are ENTITLED to get a gank with a shitty attitude and false accusations. "KAYLE JUNGLE SO NOOB QQ", you don't hear that shit from any other player on the enemy team who plays Kayle Jungle until you want to play it. That's the exact moment where that one unique dipshit jumps in and complains for no good reason, and worst is that you deliver good ganks and this asshole STILL blames you for losing because he keeps killing himself and then complains that he dies and that it's all the fault of Kayle jungle. It's wrong in thousand ways and I felt like finally saying this out loudly since telling these people ingame is no use. They are thickheaded idiots that either don't care to read anything you write or simply let it come in through the right ear and instantly kick it out through the left ear. A great thing to hold onto: "Let a player play the champion he is good at and mind your own business, if a Jungler plays Soraka, then keep your comments to yourself if it works instead of being a bitch about it for 20 minutes and then a surrender spammer for another 20 minutes."
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