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So, I just had a horrible match where I was camped, mid premade with jungle and jungle did nothing but afk farm instead of taking drakes etc. So I lost my cool and swore at them. Instantly, after the match, I received a 14 day ban. I have never received a punishment at all, so this would be my first offence. However: A player who recently wished cancer upon myself and my mother (and i subsequently reported as a result of this) is still playing. So please explain, how I didnt receive a chat ban instead, and I got an instant 14 day ban, whereas the toxic person who wished cancer upon me, and told me to kill myself, oh and he %%%%ed my mother, gets to carry on playing. Chat logs included for context. >Game 1 In-Game Madnasher: yo yi Madnasher: im being camped up here Madnasher: do something elsewhere on the map please Madnasher: yi Madnasher: can you %%%%ing do something somewhere Madnasher: i was camped for the firt 8 minutes and you did nothign Madnasher: jax has no flash again but youll still do %%%% all i bet Madnasher: dont care if you mute me Madnasher: just do something Madnasher: take a drake Madnasher: gank some lanes Madnasher: do something Madnasher: rather than just farm farmf arm farm farm Madnasher: for what Madnasher: i was tp bot to help Madnasher: didnt know jax was there Madnasher: ah you can %%%% off too Madnasher: no int you braindead idiot Madnasher: nope Madnasher: and ill report that XD Madnasher: nope Madnasher: yi you need to stop afk farming Madnasher: ekko, tell your premade next time he jungles to actually do something other than farm the jungle Madnasher: tyvm Madnasher: then %%%%ing do something Madnasher: you did nothing Madnasher: you lost it Madnasher: you took no drakes Madnasher: you didnt gank bot when i was camped top Madnasher: all you did Madnasher: is farm Madnasher: farm Madnasher: farm Madnasher: no i didint int Madnasher: i got camped Madnasher: and i told you to do something botside Madnasher: 'or mid Madnasher: and instead you farmed Madnasher: nothing else Madnasher: you are 1/2/1 Madnasher: youve done %%%% all Madnasher: we took no drakes Madnasher: no im not Madnasher: when the jungler is camping top Madnasher: you need to do stuff bot Madnasher: where the jungler is not Madnasher: but yi did not Madnasher: thats how i can open my mouth Madnasher: because i seem to understand basics which you dont Madnasher: correct Madnasher: cos i got camped Madnasher: %%%%ing moron Madnasher: thats what i was doing Madnasher: when i was camped Madnasher: and tower dived Madnasher: three times Madnasher: in less than 3 moinutes Madnasher: idc Madnasher: you guys have all flamed and yet done nothing Madnasher: blame away Madnasher: i know i didnt int Madnasher: ive also got a decent ward score Madnasher: i wont climb when my jungler doesnt know how to jungle Madnasher: but that isnt every game Madnasher: im jungle top Madnasher: and winning top lane is as easy as winning any lane Madnasher: lol Madnasher: i got camped Madnasher: so i said do something Post-Game Madnasher: yi Madnasher: if the jungler is camping top Madnasher: take the %%%%ing drake Madnasher: dont farm jungle Madnasher: thats why you need to do stuff elsewhere on the map Madnasher: jesus Madnasher: its league 101 Madnasher: jungler is top Madnasher: take drake Madnasher: jungler is bot Madnasher: go for herald Madnasher: idiots Madnasher: ah but its my fault we lost Madnasher: yi couldve helpoed while top was camped Madnasher: but hey Madnasher: its all me Madnasher: sure Madnasher: dont forget its easy to win lane Madnasher: soraka saiud so Madnasher: sure yi Madnasher: go afk farm some more
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