I just got demoted to honor level 1...

As the title says, I just got demoted to honor level 1 because i got into a beef with a 3 man premade while i was playing a NORMAL game. They repeatedly started flaming me, acusing me of racism even tho i didn't even said something racist, and the bad part is that even the enemy team reported me just because my premade teammates said so... Aaaaaand in the end I know nobody gives a %%%% about this, and I just wanted to say that the report system is actually shit and even tho I am a toxic player from nature, I was trying to reform, and even so the system still gave me the middle finger, and now looks like i'm not an honorable player Have fun! UPDATE: Here's the proof and have a great laugh. Enjoy! [Image](https://i.imgur.com/wIsUOgs.jpg) And of course let's not forget about the chat logs! (from 3 different games where I trolled) **Game 1** MotorBoatMan: ? MotorBoatMan: ? MotorBoatMan: ? MotorBoatMan: and again MotorBoatMan: mentally disabled MotorBoatMan: kids MotorBoatMan: u should go to sleep MotorBoatMan: my dear MotorBoatMan: stfu MotorBoatMan: u go solo MotorBoatMan: and expect follow MotorBoatMan: .... MotorBoatMan: knao MotorBoatMan: u guys MotorBoatMan: are disgustingly bad MotorBoatMan: report eve MotorBoatMan: toxic MotorBoatMan: pls report this toxic eve MotorBoatMan: ur totally garbage MotorBoatMan: ... MotorBoatMan: 0 drakes MotorBoatMan: nice jg MotorBoatMan: :DDDD MotorBoatMan: ur just garbage MotorBoatMan: i won bot MotorBoatMan: :DDD MotorBoatMan: u are trash MotorBoatMan: :DDDD MotorBoatMan: ur just garbage MotorBoatMan: pls MotorBoatMan: %%% MotorBoatMan: u have more deaths than me MotorBoatMan: :DDDDD MotorBoatMan: :DDDDD MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: shes so mad MotorBoatMan: raging kid MotorBoatMan: XDDDDD MotorBoatMan: hahaha MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: carry is something she'll never do MotorBoatMan: i didn't lost MotorBoatMan: twitch lost MotorBoatMan: tryhard yi MotorBoatMan: sure dude MotorBoatMan: if u say so MotorBoatMan: at least im not typing in caps MotorBoatMan: like the last %%%%%% on earth MotorBoatMan: stay free kid MotorBoatMan: ull get banned MotorBoatMan: from ur behavior MotorBoatMan: not me MotorBoatMan: its a %%%%ing normal MotorBoatMan: not ranked MotorBoatMan: go ranked MotorBoatMan: and tryhard there MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: this griefer MotorBoatMan: ur mad MotorBoatMan: cuz ur bad MotorBoatMan: XDDDDD MotorBoatMan: admit it MotorBoatMan: u suck MotorBoatMan: ggwp **Game 2** MotorBoatMan: ? MotorBoatMan: wtf MotorBoatMan: what's jas%%%%s? MotorBoatMan: this jax MotorBoatMan: lol MotorBoatMan: :D MotorBoatMan: ? MotorBoatMan: %%%%ing shit MotorBoatMan: jax babysitting bot MotorBoatMan: he ganked us like 5-6th time MotorBoatMan: open ur eyes MotorBoatMan: u blind silver scrub MotorBoatMan: .... MotorBoatMan: he's trash MotorBoatMan: not plat MotorBoatMan: ur avarage garbage piece of shit MotorBoatMan: ye MotorBoatMan: ur 1 MotorBoatMan: :D MotorBoatMan: ffs MotorBoatMan: 7th gank MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: :DDDDDDD MotorBoatMan: no reason to MotorBoatMan: nuh bruh MotorBoatMan: i could've roamed MotorBoatMan: but i can get nothing MotorBoatMan: cuz im immobile MotorBoatMan: so MotorBoatMan: we just keep splitting MotorBoatMan: while u do ur job MotorBoatMan: we keep jax bot MotorBoatMan: 24/7 MotorBoatMan: and u still get nothing MotorBoatMan: ..... MotorBoatMan: and u say i'm %%%%%%ed MotorBoatMan: ...... MotorBoatMan: lmao what planet do u live on MotorBoatMan: u got shit MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: shut up trynd MotorBoatMan: meh the whole squad MotorBoatMan: true MotorBoatMan: we kept jax 24/7 on bot MotorBoatMan: while our jax MotorBoatMan: ........ MotorBoatMan: holy shit MotorBoatMan: lol MotorBoatMan: velkoz MotorBoatMan: :D MotorBoatMan: plat MotorBoatMan: u say MotorBoatMan: :DDDDDDDDDD MotorBoatMan: 2 weeks MotorBoatMan: more like MotorBoatMan: 2 years MotorBoatMan: :DDDd MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: u tried it b4? MotorBoatMan: idk how u managed to lost that big of a lead MotorBoatMan: btw sivir MotorBoatMan: ur kinda braindead MotorBoatMan: where's ur trinket? MotorBoatMan: ? MotorBoatMan: u lack brain cells MotorBoatMan: where's trinket sivir? MotorBoatMan: stay free MotorBoatMan: ... MotorBoatMan: report my mentally unstable teammates **Game 3** MotorBoatMan: ok MotorBoatMan: i should've played ad MotorBoatMan: my cait is braindead MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: open bot MotorBoatMan: u are reported MotorBoatMan: u braindead MotorBoatMan: silver scrub MotorBoatMan: damn i hate silvers MotorBoatMan: .................. MotorBoatMan: for sucking %%%% MotorBoatMan: u seriously lack brain cells MotorBoatMan: .... MotorBoatMan: trash build MotorBoatMan: trash runes/masteries MotorBoatMan: .... MotorBoatMan: trash player MotorBoatMan: feelsbadman MotorBoatMan: haha MotorBoatMan: lol MotorBoatMan: that's a new one MotorBoatMan: maybe ur right MotorBoatMan: maybe ur not MotorBoatMan: let's just say MotorBoatMan: i'm unlucky MotorBoatMan: i got silver 5 adc MotorBoatMan: ... MotorBoatMan: meh MotorBoatMan: lol MotorBoatMan: same shit MotorBoatMan: silver 3 = bronze 1 MotorBoatMan: same shit MotorBoatMan: u have no kills MotorBoatMan: u have no dmg MotorBoatMan: u have no brain MotorBoatMan: ikr MotorBoatMan: unlucky i got MotorBoatMan: a silver in my team MotorBoatMan: feelsbadman MotorBoatMan: silver players = plague MotorBoatMan: they know shit about the game MotorBoatMan: they play bad and they think they're good MotorBoatMan: i saw ur match hystory bruh MotorBoatMan: 2/9 MotorBoatMan: cait MotorBoatMan: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd MotorBoatMan: silver players are like cancer MotorBoatMan: almost impossible to get rid of MotorBoatMan: :DDD MotorBoatMan: if that's ur peak MotorBoatMan: then feelsbadman MotorBoatMan: ..... MotorBoatMan: damn MotorBoatMan: that's even worse MotorBoatMan: cait is s3 MotorBoatMan: how is that possible MotorBoatMan: ur mom's %%%%% MotorBoatMan: happy? MotorBoatMan: :D MotorBoatMan: i got 2 kills MotorBoatMan: cait has 0 MotorBoatMan: :DDDDDDDDDdd MotorBoatMan: lmao MotorBoatMan: at least i have kills MotorBoatMan: XDDD MotorBoatMan: and lots of mana MotorBoatMan: XDD MotorBoatMan: 2373 MotorBoatMan: ggwp MotorBoatMan: full build
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