Did i rightfully get Chat restricted?

So before i show the actual log some notes id like to make, first i completely understand the "just because they did something doesnt mean you can" but i will go into the situation at hand so you can understand my point of view about why i wrote what i did. Second of all, i completely understand that some people are just bad at the game and some just have bad games, but for reasons ill go into, this player was clearly trolling. so the overwhelmingly obvious evidence for why he is trolling and i kid you not, he died 15 times, in 29 minutes and 28 seconds. i did some rough maths and if you take away death timers, time it takes to go to lane and the prior 2 minutes to play he couldnt survive more than a minute without dying. He didn't help the jungler at red at the start of the game. He is gold 2 meaning he understands the game to the point where you dont just have a 3/15 game. to make matters worse, our mid and us down bot got fed and were able to carry the game either way, meaning he could have had it worse if we didnt. Here are the logs, now notice. the only use of profanity or vulgarity was when i was quoting other team mates* Game 1 In-Game TheLastOreo: this team.. TheLastOreo: wow TheLastOreo: childish trynd TheLastOreo: what a joke TheLastOreo: why do u have cleanse TheLastOreo: they have legit only one cc TheLastOreo: i wrote "why do u have cleanse, they legit have only one cc" TheLastOreo: and draven said "shut up stop flame other muted" TheLastOreo: im done with this shitty game man TheLastOreo: i LITERALLY didnt say a word in champselect TheLastOreo: this is just delusional on another level TheLastOreo: why do i bother TheLastOreo: 0/6 at 8 mins has to actually be some sorta challenge TheLastOreo: you know what, im actually gonna just write a email report for this tryndamere TheLastOreo: lel TheLastOreo: tbh its meta so its fine TheLastOreo: but his stats.. TheLastOreo: even if u were one of elon musks bots, or a challenger player TheLastOreo: 0/7... TheLastOreo: nah must be troll TheLastOreo: he legit wrote in champselect like "i just check rammus, u suck at jungle" TheLastOreo: ez TheLastOreo: at that point that is LEGIT troll TheLastOreo: nothing else. TheLastOreo: im writing an email this is just, too much TheLastOreo: riven TheLastOreo: did u do something harsh early game to tilt him or what? TheLastOreo: im actually confused TheLastOreo: lucky kill or something? TheLastOreo: sad. TheLastOreo: yeah but 1 to 4 kills TheLastOreo: and its 2 people for 1 TheLastOreo: i just got this skin mannnnnn i just wanna check it out and stuff TheLastOreo: well 11 to 11 now TheLastOreo: almost a death a minute TheLastOreo: which includes death timers TheLastOreo: u have basically a kill per min riven TheLastOreo: tbh rammus and talon carry this hard TheLastOreo: np, honestly id be afk if it wasnt for ur two TheLastOreo: report tryndamere pls Post-Game TheLastOreo: trynda.. TheLastOreo: like...why TheLastOreo: im actually confused TheLastOreo: into why you trolled? TheLastOreo: 15 deaths in 30 minutes.. TheLastOreo: not really, the way you wrote and played is clear you trolled TheLastOreo: mjnus times it took to go to lane and death timers u died literally once a minute TheLastOreo: you couldnt survive a minute without dying TheLastOreo: thats trolling TheLastOreo: so??????????? TheLastOreo: im like 400 on rakan TheLastOreo: yeah its fine to lose TheLastOreo: mate..mate..u...its normal to lose lane TheLastOreo: but 15 deaths is troll TheLastOreo: and u know it TheLastOreo: xD TheLastOreo: yeah it was u and not 17 5 talon TheLastOreo: man im out TheLastOreo: i checked ur history, it doesnt look like it works so well, cya mate
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