For everyone that defend RIOT with nonsense

I always defend RIOT from so many players that just complain and cry for no reason about everything. But this doesn't mean they don't have bugs, problems or do bad stuff, and still some players tend to downvote and defend everything you say bad about RIOT. Well for couple of days many threads that said for them missions don't work or work only sometimes! And a bunch of brave boards knights downvoted and keep defending for absolutely no reason. Here it is RIOT admit it! why after so many days ?! Just because missions or other stuff worked for you doesn't mean it worked for everybody so blaming and downvoting those players is pretty disgusting! PS: SHAME on you from support that replied to this problems with messages like "we investigated and it seems you didn't watch enough time to get the missions" when some of us watched all live games for hours in 2 days and got nothing! to be told we lie in face it's ridiculous and rude!
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