How large are the odds?

This account I am currently making this post on has been banned a few years back for extremely toxic behaviour towards other players. Since then I have tried once to explain myself to riot that I have changed, that was a year or so back. I have been getting back into the game again by Youtube videos, and just made another support ticket asking the support team kindly to unban my permbanned account because, yes, I truly have changed my ways. In the post I went into detail what caused me to show such toxic behaviour, my current situation and why I should be unbanned to once again fight on the rift. Now, I won't go into detail of what happened but my situation at home has been the main reason for the flaming and toxic behavior i expressed in my games, and that home-situation has changed now, and so have I. I'd like to know the odds of them actually unbanning me for having reformed after all those years. I've read that there has been an experiment on the NA servers where players who had previously been banned for showing toxic behaviour got unbanned and monitored to see if they had really changed their ways. I don't know the outcome of the experiment but i hope something like this could be applied in EUW too, so more players with the same fate as I have still get a chance to show the community that Toxic behaviour is not a personal trait but could happen because of a lot of external factors. I also stated that Riot could also give me a permanent chat ban, so to say. This would give them more security of me not falling back to my old behaviour. Even though I know I most definetely wont, I would understand if riot still wants an extra sense of security, which of course, is more than fair. So, to make a long story short, for the people that don't want to read the whole thing: What are the odds of me getting unbanned after writing a letter to riot games explaining that I have reformed. Will riot ever implement an unban experiment on the EUW servers? and last but not least, Could a ''Perm mute'' punishment be implemented to people who just show toxic behaviour. Thanks for reading, and I'm curious to see what you all think!
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