Why people cant play for fun these days? Why Riot doesnt punish bugusers/exploiters?

**I dont know what happened to the gamer community these days, and i am not talking about the toxicity now, i am talking about the mindset of gamers these days,** 8 years ago, when people found a glitch/exploit/abuse they instantly stopped and write a ticket to the support to report that bug and hope not to get themself punished ** Gamers 8 Years ago played fair, had more respect and a better mindset. ** Nowdays, if somone find a glitch/bug/exploit they abuse the hell out of it, and then they even insult you when you friendly tell them to stop abuse a bug... I dont know why people these days are so, but its also the fault of game developers/publishers these days. If Riot would made a Zero exploit/bug tolerance campagne, maybe people would start playing fair. Why people can exploit the hell out of Team Fight Tactis, using systems, that riot even said "its not intended"... yes its a beta, but a beta is for searching bugs and report them, and not for Exploiting and abuseing anything possible to get an advantage. ** Maybe my mind is to purely, but i couldnt sleep well if if i know i made forbidden stuff even if its only a game ** ** People who abuse an ingame bug/glitch/exploit/Meta Brakeing stuff should get the same punishment as people who run 3rd party tools (Speedhacks, macros, ddos drops, scripts) to get an advantage. **
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