I deserve unban

I was banned for 6 months already, but i believe my ban was unfair and buggy. i explain it to you and you judge, a few months ago i decided to do a Youtube video about how fast someone can get back to max honor level after a ban, so a few games in a row, i nicely asked people to report me, i got a 14 days ban, after the ban finished, i tried to get back to max honor as fast as possible, i was pretty successful at first, used to get a lot of honors, 2,3 or even 4 honors each match, sometimes only one, then in one game i unintentionally fed, so my teammates told me they will report me, i tried to explain to them that I'm not doing it intentionally. So what happened is, the game ended, they reported me, and i got banned permanently, i submit a support request and the support guy told me that i wasn't toxic in that match, i just typed too much, it's funny that i got permanent banned for typing too much and riot system recognized me as a negative player, which I'm not.
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