You expect me to be an angel?

Oh how nice is it to finally get the ban! Rito sends me an e-mail of my own chat log. Oh Wait, what about the rest of the log? Why just my chat? hmm? I really do not care about the 14-day break nor will it change anything in the fact that your community sucks. I'm cursed in Elo hell and Riot you should have read what I said. From Gold II to Gold V what would you expect. Most my chat is "Don't go there." "Don't complain" "Wait for level 6" and so on mostly because these god damn players don't know what the hell they're doing. It's like I have to be the perfect angel to deal with these toxic non-english speakers or just plain illogical people. The worst administration I've ever seen and nor will it ever be fixed. I'm just here looking for justice. If you'll ban me, you might as well ban whoever I was retaliating to. P.S. this is not a thread asking what I should do about these toxic players; this is a thread asking to ban whoever was with me. Never will anyone shut up to any of your stupid members in this community. 14-days of pure bliss or Dota?
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