I genuinely had fun for once

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So yesterday me and my friends played a couple of ultimate bravery games and we all know that usually you don't end up with the best results. Luckily for us the enemy 5-man premade were playing purely for fun which is something I have not seen in a long time. In the end we were losing 11 to 32, with no enemy turrets taken so us losing would happen sooner or later. But then I remembered something I used to do a while back: proposing a business deal to the enemy team. It looks like something along the lines of: "I have a deal so good, you can't turn it down..." "If you surrender, we will let you win." Now, obviously this has never worked, but **these** guys surrendered in like 2 seconds. Shoutout to these absolute legends for giving me a spark of hope that there are still fun people playing this game for more than just a shiny KDA. <3 {{item:3070}}
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