Supposed hacker in my game

So last game there was this nunu who was drafted as support. He took smite which I thought was strange, but since I was in my promos I couldn't dodge. He then proceeded to troll our jungler by smiting away his blue and stealing his other camps afterwards noc gave up on jungling and went bot to help me (being a suportless adc) nunu proceeded to follow him to my lane where he stole my minions and started to int. Everytime a fight broke out he would just stand there doing nothing. So I asked him what caused him to behave like this and he told me in chat that he'd hacked the account and wanted to get it banned. He had done so with 20 other accounts that day and when I asked him how many accounts he'd hacked he told me 52.000. Now I don't know if I should believe all this, it seems rather strange. He went on to tell me he hacked through the client and was able to display himself as master, take on different names etc. He then asked me to befriend him so he could show me what he could do in a custom game. When I declined he threatened to hack me too after which I just broke contact and didn't want to talk to him anymore. Now despite me being pretty sure most of this was a lie it still made me nervous. His story seemed to add up as his match history was him employing the same strat for the last 2 hours in his latest matches. And that account had only played normals and Arams lately, suddenly jumping into ranked. I don't know what to think about this, is this a common thing? Should I be worried? I'm just leaving this out here for hopefully a rioter to find that can do something about this or with this info. Kind Regards, FoolishDragon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Edit: He now has an unreleased sum icon on his profile (Tencent Olaf) he's definitely hacking to a certain extent. Edit Edit: He has now changed his name to something ridiculous, he's definitely hacking and Riot has a breach! Some extra info, he said he hacked through the client's API which was (and I quote) "completely useless and %%%%ed" Edit Edit Edit: He changed his profile background to Black Alistar... Something is wrong with the client and hackers are taking advantage of it!
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