That moment when you just sit back and await the reports.

Ok this was a first for me. Storytime people I just played a match in draft pick where i was first pick. I wanted to play Kayn since i have never done so before. Our last pick wanted to play Kayn as well and was rather vocal about it, i simply said ''No''. so he proceded to ban Kayn just to spite me. Never mind i thought, i just play Poppy. I then entered the match only to notice that the other guys where in a 4man premade. Eh, i just play my best and dont communicate much. After weathering the storm of pings (by muting them) we where starting to win. But as you can imagine these guys wouldnt let me win, they wanted to make sure i had a loss. So they simply did a /ff. Afterwards they spammed in the endgame chat ''honor poppy/poppy is the best'' etc etc. And of course they all added me on friendslist and spammed me with game invites untill i had them all blocked. So yeah. If i get a punishment from Rito i knpw exactly whom to blame for that :P
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