Create a 'They're not at my Skill Level' Button

As many of you maybe aware eons ago before the report button was redesigned and tinkered with there was an additional option at the bottom of it saying 'Unskilled Player'. Now this report was almost always likely to result in nothing in terms of bans etc and so it should be. No player should be penalised for a poor matchmaking system regardless if they're the player getting mauled at 0/10 or the rest of the team now dealing with the feed created. However I always felt that 'Unskilled Player' button was a nice indicator to Riot that perhaps on this occasion they had paired up incorrectly and in the next game that won't happen again. What I'm suggesting is that, that report or something of the like is brought back. Having been on the wrong end of a Ranked game with a Top Laner going 0/10 and a ADC going 0/14 in 20 minutes I think telling Riot that the matchmaking in that game was way off is the correct thing to do. Was it intentionally feeding? Probably not, they just looked very slow to react to anything and completely oblivious to the previous kills given away so reporting them for that isn't right. That signals to me they just don't know how to cope with playing from behind and is in my opinion a knowledge based issue (Or for simplicity, skill). How about a Negative attitude? Again probably not because they haven't said anything negative, they just keep stupidly dying and playing like they're ahead. This leaves no option to report them despite the fact been matched with this level of skill is clearly not right. Lets look at the positives and negatives of this button: Positive: You won't be matched with these players again. Players getting lots of 'Not at my Skill Level' Reports would be more likely to suffer a demotion in Ranked as ranked is supposed to show your skill level. Like it or not people feel better if a bad game has happened and they get to report someone. Currently people would get reported for feeding or some other incorrect reason however this new button would mean the 'lower skilled' players would only get matched against also less skilled players instead of suffering a ban of some sort for trolling and it helps the match making system get more accurate. Negative: People will probably abuse it. (However I feel all parts of the report system have this negative) What does everyone else think? Can you think of some more positives and negatives of having a 'They're not a my Skill Level' report button?
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