I would like to tell you my story

Hi, So before you start reading this let me introduce myself. My name is Jacob and I'm 17 y.o. In this boards discussion I want to point out how enormous impact on the game has your own behavior and I'm doing that from my own experience. And one thing before I start writing this, I'm ESL (English as Second Language) so please no haterino. ^^ I'm playing League for quite a long time, I did poorly in S3 and S4 and to be honest in the first 3/4 of season 5. I was pretty aggressive player and I raged, I raged a lot actually. Well this year, June to be specific I got chat restriction for 100 games, it was for my flaming and yea for my flaming. I was Silver 4 at the time and I couldn't climb higher. during the Chat restriction I still raged and kinda flamed, still because it wasn't so often I got to S2. I didn't play for a week after my restriction has ended, but when I got back to league I realized I want to do better, I knew I had the skill to get higher but I lacked something. That something was behavior. I stopped flaming bit by bit and I actually got to Gold pretty easily. Then I stopped because end of the season was nearing and I didn't really need to climb to Plat because I thought I wouldn't get there in time. so I played normal queue with my friends. In normal queue you have nothing to lose, so I put my raging behind me and I played more cool, my win-rate actually got really high. In September and October I played a lot of SP games and when I got back again to League I actually started to be positive a lot. I encouraged ppl to do their best, to try even when they are losing, I calmed them after mistakes and I just tried to calm them, so they wouldn't worry. Of course it doesn't work on everyone there are a lot of who I call "mood-breakers" I actually hate those even tho I used to be one. And since then I'm actually getting great results in my team play. So why I'm writing this, today I played 8 games and we won them all and I think that if it wouldn't be for the positive behavior and the no flame rule I tried to set we'd lose. So I just wanted to share this story with the community. If you read this, whole or not. I thank you. Very much, I thank you. And with this story I ask your forgiveness for my jerk-as behavior that I showed for up to 2.5 years, I'm really really sorry for what I did to the community ... And yea, {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} are my favorite, but you already guessed that :D
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