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Hello there, Here you can read what happenned: http://prntscr.com/ikzwv5 This is the board that I wrote on: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/am79KQ4E-singed-players I want to emphasize three things before I explain what happened: * First time that this happened to me. * I never got bans for player behaviour. * I'm sorry to the player that I might have offended (Last Light) . That was never my intention. I'm going to analyze my comment (at least the part that is shown in the warning, since it was deleted): > "You can't take a word for granted by non Singed players. If you want to search good info and find "whys" go on the Singed community on Reddit or look at Minishcap1 youtube, old Challenger Singed main." In this segment there is nothing reportable, since I only gave advices, warnings and tryed to help making him getting deeper into the Singed community and not be blindfolded by non-Singed players, that probably have no credibility. > "Singed is a good champion that shines when people like you are ignorant (not being hard) and don't even know how he works." So here I give him one of the most obvious and sensible points about Singed players and their opponents. Ignorant, for who doesn't know, means "lacking knowledge or awareness in general". I have the "(not being hard)" parentheses to ****highlight**** that I wasn't being offensive neither inappropriate with the use of the word (that can be used either formally or informally). > "I actually have no clue how you are 4 diamond straight seasons without knowi (...)" I might have the sentence with "knowing what proxy is..." something like that. So here is one of the points I give Riot reason. I ****might have been abusive here**** but let me talk about it. First of all I think it is very obvious that the greater our experience in game, the greater the credibility when we talk about the subject. Normally, before I comment, I like to know who I am speaking to and, above all, how experienced that person is.~ This makes my speech as straightforward as possible. Obviously, someone who has a lack of commitment and gameplay, does not present as much credibility as someone who plays for years and seriously dedicates to it. Therefore, as the player had one of the highest ranks of the game for several years and represented a lack of knowledge to which I, who also have critical spirit and respect for it, presented the fact, even if not in the best way, to the person, in an attempt to draw attention for his lack of commitment in answering the question he himself put. At the end of they day I'm glad this happened because I will for sure try to get better at my communication. I'm also glad that Riot is active at the System and punishing things which are (subjectively or not) punishable. Thanks for your time
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