Don't take everything as flame

So, i have been playing a lot of kai'sa lately. As you probably know, she can join a fight with her ult to suddenly outnumber the opponent, which is very effective. Often times, when we want to gank an enemy ( we being my team and me) the jungler just kinda sits and waits until I engage. naturally, that tends to go wrong since the enemy can just burst me down in an instant. What would've been more effective is if for example Rammus ( just using my jungler from last game as an example) engaged, and then I join the fight with my ult. he will force their cooldowns but can tank through it all, i join and we kill them. So, I try to communicate that with my teammate and write something like "next time please engage first so i can follow with my ult". if need be I will also explain why i shouldn't be the first one to engage, sicne I just die in an instant. It's not meant to be in any way insulting, and I always use a neutral tone instead of something like "%%%%ign idiot why dont you go in first", since that would be pretty stupid. However, everytime my teammate just immediately assumes it's meant to mock them or anything, types something like "report kai'sa toxic %%%%tard" in all chat and mutes me. Or at least claims to. Like, I don't really get it. Has this community come so far that anything that isn't "gj" is seen as an insult? Then again, sometimes i'm even scared of writing that if the teammate I wanna say "gj" to died in the fight, out of fear that they might think I am being sarcastic. I guess I just want people to be able to differentiate from straight up flame and suggestions/advice . Not everything is meant to take a jab at your skill level, so please don't think that way.
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