Just ban my champion and I get flammed

So, just now I had a game where my adc said "sry" and then banned my champion. I asked the adc why she ban my champion, and she didnt answer. However the enemy banned my champion aswell. Afterwards I picked swain support and in game we did really bad, and I kept on asking Kai'Sa why she ban my champion she ignored :/. I took 3 cs from her and she starts spam pinging and says "are u %%%%%%ed". I reply with "So now you don't ignore me". I kept on asking and the enemy team says "you support is so bad". I say "I am not playing for real" and my mid says "He is butthurt because the adc and I quote "ACCIDENTALY" banned his champion", when clearly the ADC SAID "SRY" SAW ME PICK THE CHAMPION AND BANNED. And then I get flammed by my jng and mid and now I am apperently getting reported :/ and not the Kai'Sa WHO banned my champion but me. Smart players
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