Can we get a queue labelled 'fun'?

Because frankly normal games aren't. In ranked games people are civilised and don't care if you don't play 100% perfectly. They are (mostly) trying to focus on themselves, and the ones who don't just go down in rank over time. (This is my personal experience. I don't see many flamers in ranked compared to S3) In normals, everyone just spews cancer EVERYWHERE. I played AD Fizz toplane and went 6/0 and STILL had people telling me I was shit and deserve to die. What is wrong with humanity that I can't go off-meta in a NORMALS GAME and people are still so horrible. In CS:GO you can mess about, and nobody cares as long as you don't throw. I understand that it's very different gameplay wise than LoL (LOL is strategy and numbers, CSGO is tactics/strats and shooting people) but come on. It's not ranked, loosen up please. /SaltOff
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