Abusive ADC

I main Supps. Have my friend list where I add Adc I enjoy to play and play with them later on. Sometimes I go normal mode randomly to play support to see how I can do with totally random people as a challange, and there are ADCs like "Noob", "you are noob", "Do that", "Ward here" etc. Adc is level 2 where I am level 5 on champ. 1) I play defensive, so I do not have to play in a way you would play. I can play agro too but I need time to adjust your gaming style 2) I know where to and when to ward, so if I can not ward ward yourself or wait. 3) I am here to enjoy game not listen your abusive threatment. Even bad JG is fine to me, since to me Jungle play is really hard, I really apreetiate that people are trying to be better at that role too. Yes I can always mute this players, but I enjoy this game cuz it is team game. More than playing your champs so good. So if adc is like this, I do not like to help them. I do not even wanna try. I do very minor things like normal noob support would do but not doing anything extra. Asking team to FF but adc usually comes with premade so they say "no". Do I have to play games like this? I have right to play normal or perfect yeah? I do not feed, just show passive agressive behaviour.
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