Can someone explain to me what is so funny about "trolling"?

I have seen so many trollers, bully and haters. And I truely wonder, why? why, ow why do you like to hurt people? why do you feel the need to spread hate? to ruin another persons game, evening, day, hobby,... Is it that you feel powerfull? That you like to be in controle and can only controle the game by ruining it? Is it because you find joy in hurting other players. Is it cause you aren't good at the game? Is it because you believe you should be in a higher rank or something? Really, someone, please explain what it is that makes trolling funny. Cause as far as I can tell. Trolling feels more like bullying. Being an ***hole. I love the game, but man oh man, do i despice more that half of the players. Can't we just enjoy the game togheter in peace. And focus on what the game is really about? Destroying the nexus of your enemy toghter, without the EZ, but with a nice GG WP.
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