Ranked is dead

I think ranked is dead every game i play i get a (feeder, toxic player, a person who is not serious or a afk) this happends to me every game. i only play {{champion:202}},{{champion:110}} and {{champion:223}} i never feed i play the game and for the most of the time i win lane, but because of the game being so much of a team game i end up losing anyways even if i am 12/2 or something. my main is {{champion:202}}, and yes i know he is not meta and does not fit the meta but i play good with him. The fact that i win lane almost everytime against other meta champs proof that i am good enouth to win the game. i really dont ask for much i just wanna hit gold but i cant silver player keep pulling me down. i think riot should do something against this, make some other report system that is better or make me get on teams that has same winrate as me. this is better for the league community. now before you guys flame me in the chat, i know that you might be plat or high gold, but just think about it maybe you got the good teams and i got the bad ones. so you cant just say get better at the game or you need to carry because silver games is pretty much oncarryble.
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