I dont believe it.

This Excuse is marely an Excuse.. Nothing more, Nothing less... **"Its just normal, People dont play their best"** so all the time i hear that people say "its just normal".. and then I hear people say things like "Its just normal, I am gold X what ever.. give lane if you want to win"... then they procceed to go 0/3 in lane... and then start to wish people cancer and wish people to die in hell and you name it... the ONLY reason i can think about that would make people wish people cancer or die in hell (unless they are f***d up in the head) is that they are seriously raging... How is it that if you dont take a game seriously, you still rage? Because you STILL care about winning... "maybe the guy is coming out of a bad losing streak in Ranked so he is gonna relax in a normal game.." So Raging and wishing people cancer is relaxing? Telling others to go to hell because he is relaxing? i mean... If he was there to relax and just have a fun game... He wouldnt care if his team was lesser skilled then him... He wouldnt wish them all sort of crap because he was just relaxing... And if you are on a losing streak in ranked (Why not just go for a walk?) **And there is a phrase in League of legends that i keep reading about in guides.. and it goes as follow** "League is a muscle memory game, You shouldnt have to think about it to do it".. So if thats true... Then i have something to tell you. If you are going into a normal game to relax (without doing anything of that above) and you have that mind set your just there to have fun... Chances are that you still play to your BEST but your not try harding... What i mean with this is that sometimes relax is one of the best ways to bring out the highest possible potential in your self... Or maybe not.. Maybe you require tryharding to win games... Who knows thats a personal matter and is different from each person. But this game is heavely muscle memory... Wich means that if you dont TRY to lose... or you dont TRY to improve... There is a chance your playing at your true level.. Yes maybe you try a different build, or maybe you try to get XX ammount of kills... but your brain tell you "WHAT TO DO NEXT" that you simply have memorised by playing a ton of games.. And the opponent will inflict how you play.. if you try to play at a less rate then normal and your opponent plays "better" then you.. chances are you will get more serious about the opponent without noticing it.. Thats muscle memory. :) **Tryharding vs Not tryharding... ** People bring this up all the time... "I am not tryharding in normals" or "Everyone is tryharding in Ranked" But did you know that Tryharding doesnt make you a better player.. you can still play Ranked and relax and play at your best.. The more confident and secure you become in ranked, the more you will relax in the games... If you ALLOW your self to have fun in ranked... forget that its ranked, play it for fun.. chances are your still gonna climb... Why? Because you're simply playing to your best capability.. (Heck it might even be better for you then when your tryharding.. because tryharding can lead to stupid misstakes because your FOCUSED TOO MUCH ON IT BEING RANKED) The difference between YOU when your tryharding and YOU when your not is minimal (maybe its bigger if you rely on tryharding to play good).. **"Trying out a different champion" ** I Dont fully believe this one either... Unless your trying out a heavy mechanical champion for the first time... Like Zed, Le blanc, Yasuo, Ahri... Etc. Lets say your playing Le blanc at Diamond level... And lets say you pick up Twitch or something... chances are you will play Twitch at diamond level.. or high plat.. Why? Because its muscle memory... the only difference between champions are their playstyles and abilities... There are 4 abilities.. But thats the same to say that you have probably played against the champion you chose to play.. so you've seen what it does.. so you know what it does.. Now you just learn witch ability does what.. This is of course unless you have 12321 games played as Le blanc and the second most played champion is 100 games or something... Where your basicly a one trick pony.. :) I have seen so many excuses in this community.. And most of them are BS.. :) They make an excuse and it become a word from the bible and everyone believes in it... Yet they have not thought about all the factors in it... hmmm i wonder how much flak i'll get for this one 8) Cant wait!

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