I genuinely feel like I was permabanned for the wrongly

Hi guys, I would like some input on my chat logs before I post to Riot support to make sure I'm not delusional. I believe Riots automated system might have thought I was inting in a game where I genuinely was not (I was very tilted however, and played very bad), and another one in which I also had an absolutely awful game. I don't know if I got banned for "inting" (I can absolutely promise I did not intentionally feed), or if it's my chatlogs, but I genuinely don't feel any of my chats were "extremely inflammatory or offensive": Game 1 > Pre-Game > BestCroixEU: you guys are about 2 witness high level yasuo gamepla > BestCroixEU: y > BestCroixEU: iit wouldnt be high level yasuo gameplay if i didnt int > BestCroixEU: WHAT CAN I DO IF I GET MONKEY JG EVERY GAME??? > BestCroixEU: just kidding > BestCroixEU: i actually dont glame > BestCroixEU: i just write depressed shit > BestCroixEU: and "plz surr i suck we cant win" > In-Game > BestCroixEU: ill bet zyra will have a worse game than me > BestCroixEU: no offense > BestCroixEU: maybe not > BestCroixEU: i forgot im against the most annoying champ in this goddamned game > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: ? > BestCroixEU: im doing my best > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: this is an awful matchup > BestCroixEU: and they had vision i didnt know about there > BestCroixEU: ya congrats > BestCroixEU: i hope being right brings you great satisfaction > BestCroixEU: well > BestCroixEU: we should definitely surr > BestCroixEU: im not even tilted > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: feel free > BestCroixEU: to be fair > BestCroixEU: you flaming me > BestCroixEU: isnt exactly motivating me > BestCroixEU: yeah but u started flaming me at 0 2 lol > BestCroixEU: like > BestCroixEU: i mean > BestCroixEU: i couldve at least minimized my deaths > BestCroixEU: but i tilted much harder > BestCroixEU: because of being flamed > BestCroixEU: ???? > BestCroixEU: what > BestCroixEU: when > BestCroixEU: i didnt? > BestCroixEU: i didnt know they had vision in that bush > BestCroixEU: ???? > BestCroixEU: well kindred > BestCroixEU: i didnt know that > BestCroixEU: youre the better player > BestCroixEU: im not exactly claiming to be a god > BestCroixEU: just that you shouldnt have flamed me > BestCroixEU: i would probably have died at least 2 times less > BestCroixEU: if i didnt tilt so hard > BestCroixEU: please stop > BestCroixEU: talking with m > BestCroixEU: e > BestCroixEU: it is almost certainly smart > BestCroixEU: to not write to someone as tilted as i am > BestCroixEU: thats my whole point > BestCroixEU: what > BestCroixEU: my movement speed is what it is rakan > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: you cant blame me for that > BestCroixEU: literally nothing i could do to be there faster > BestCroixEU: im sorry, i dont understand > BestCroixEU: wasnt me > BestCroixEU: some people dont like accepting harsh realities > BestCroixEU: ? > BestCroixEU: i voted yes > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: mastery 1 > BestCroixEU: actually > BestCroixEU: eh, my winrate isnt that bad > BestCroixEU: its like 40% > BestCroixEU: you could probably have carried me > BestCroixEU: if you did play well > BestCroixEU: i mean yes, 40% isnt good > BestCroixEU: but i mean its carriable > BestCroixEU: by a team who is superior > BestCroixEU: ya > BestCroixEU: oops missclicked > BestCroixEU: ya > BestCroixEU: report me for voting no > BestCroixEU: jeez > BestCroixEU: im not inting > BestCroixEU: im doing my best > BestCroixEU: but i mean > BestCroixEU: im 0 10 > BestCroixEU: so its not exactly easy > BestCroixEU: yes, but i dont think being bad is bannble > BestCroixEU: that would be a bad rule > BestCroixEU: im not inting > BestCroixEU: we both know im not inting > BestCroixEU: no, thats a really bad game > BestCroixEU: gg wp > Post-Game > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: if i was actually inting > BestCroixEU: id be at least 0 20 > BestCroixEU: by this point > BestCroixEU: nah, thats only part of it > BestCroixEU: i mean > BestCroixEU: i started dying a lot more > BestCroixEU: because of the flame > BestCroixEU: not inting, but i tilt really easily > BestCroixEU: thats not actually true kindred > BestCroixEU: i was sitting in a bush > BestCroixEU: i didnt know they had vision in the bush > BestCroixEU: yeah but by the time i was insulted i was already tilted > BestCroixEU: dont get me wrong > BestCroixEU: there was no way > BestCroixEU: i was winning that lane > BestCroixEU: but i could probably have been carriable > BestCroixEU: wow > BestCroixEU: not ur blocklist > BestCroixEU: lmao > BestCroixEU: what an oddly inflated sense of self importance > BestCroixEU: that she thinks i would care > BestCroixEU: ? > BestCroixEU: uh > BestCroixEU: they did > BestCroixEU: most of them did say im bad > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: like literally those words > BestCroixEU: they ALSO said im inting > BestCroixEU: which doesnt really make sense > BestCroixEU: but yeah > BestCroixEU: man > BestCroixEU: you had a good game > BestCroixEU: you shouldnt tilt (https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3674419251/230358273?tab=stats) This is the game I got banned for. If I didn't get banned for "inting", I believe the system may have picked up on me joking in the pregame about monkey junglers, but that was obviously just a joke (I even say that in the logs so yeah). I was a bit sarcastic in the game, but I didn't exactly flame anyone. I also sarcastically talked about "inting" as Yasuo because it's a meme that Yasuo players are shit (which I apparently am). I told a Kindred who was calling me bad since about 5 minutes into the game that she shouldn't have flamed me. Because the chatlogs don't show others it looks like I'm spamming a lot, but the whole team was really engaged in discussion at this point and nobody was playing that much. I didn't write much more than anyone else. Game 2 > BestCroixEU: im way too tilted to care > BestCroixEU: lol > BestCroixEU: we should probably surr > BestCroixEU: not to be negative > BestCroixEU: but i wont be doing much > BestCroixEU: idc > BestCroixEU: trollping me all you want > BestCroixEU: flame me a bit > BestCroixEU: im not trolling > BestCroixEU: im just tilted > BestCroixEU: and really sad > BestCroixEU: did u get stunned > BestCroixEU: yeah im really bad > BestCroixEU: im so bad we should probably surr > BestCroixEU: eh > BestCroixEU: wouldnt have cahnged anything > BestCroixEU: theres no way he wouldve died > BestCroixEU: be real > BestCroixEU: you dont kill in 0.1 sec > BestCroixEU: yep > BestCroixEU: im bad > BestCroixEU: im bad at this game > BestCroixEU: yes > BestCroixEU: yup > BestCroixEU: yep > BestCroixEU: gg wp > BestCroixEU: i didnt troll > BestCroixEU: i did my best > BestCroixEU: actually im just really tilted > Post-Game > BestCroixEU: this ashe is pretty toxic yeah > BestCroixEU: not that it matters > BestCroixEU: yes, i admit as much > BestCroixEU: my friend I don't actually remember much of this game, but I was just really sad, I had a huge loss streak. I don't even know why this one counts as anything, I just called myself bad. I did certainly not int, and when I said I won't be doing much it was because I was so behind I didn't expect to be relevant in the game at all. The "idc" comments were directed at teammates trollpinging me constantly if I remember correctly. I believe I was banned because the system thought I was inting, but I have never, EVER inted in a game of league. I have some problems with tilt, which makes me play really bad, but it's NOT intentionally. I always do my best, given whatever mental state I am in. If not, I believe I was banned for the joke about "monkey jg" I made, which was obviously a joke. I think in that case the system mistakenly thought I was flaming, which I wasn't. Looking at most chatlogs of permabanned users, I really don't think I compare. I know I've had many chances to reform, but I don't feel like what I wrote here would count as toxic. Edit: I can't really address everything individually anymore (this structure changed to some forum thing and now I'm confused lol), but I can address a few things: - I agree I played really badly. I think people here exaggerate how much effect writing has. It looks like a ton of text, but I write quite fast (60-75 wpm), and, well, I spent a lot of time dead that game. - I was genuinely not trying to be negative, and me talking about Kindreds flame was genuinely meant as advice. I know what tilters are like (being one myself), so I was telling her that it's better to not write to people like me at all , because it will only worsen the performance. I did not intend to blame her for my playing bad (I've admitted quite a few times to being bad). I simply wanted to point out that her writing to me probably worsened my mental state to the point I played even worse. - I have not edited the chat logs and I have not left anything out. I clicked the copy thing and pasted it into the boards. I can obviously not prove that, but you'll just have to take my word for it. Those are the only 2 games on my report card, and game 1 is what I was banned after (so I'd like an explanation for at least that one from Riot). It is of course possible another game was the cause of my ban, but if it was I did not receive any notice of it.
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