Pre lobby trols. No punishment options.

(is there anyone from riot to weigh in on this?) I posted about this a while ago and got flamed but, there needs to be a way to report people pre game for behaviour in the lobby. The amount of duos who both lock in supports with cleanse and ghost (for adc and jungle) and type "I troll now"... its insane. I'm sick of morons getting away with taking the game hostage, either you dodge and lose LP or play the game and lose more LP. And there's no way to report the idiots as riot don't think intent to ruin a game is punishable without the game actually taking place. Again, there needs to be someone who cares about players who is working on a way to mitigate the troll exploits available to people who don't give a damn about climbing. I have a photo of the duo but I won't post it because apparently that makes me the bad guy. Imagine living in a world where there was no punishment for attempted murder because the crime didn't actually take place, due to the victim Running away. And any witness who reports it gets shunned by the community for shaming the would be killer.
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