Reasons I'm giving up on playing ranked.

Straight off the bat, I'm not claiming to be an amazing player in League. I'm making this post more to vent my frustration at the ranked games I've experienced after my placement. When I played League seriously, whilst duoing with friends I was able to make gold. I peaked at gold 2 and that was probably when I was at my best. I've not played league as actively since and play it more as a casual competitive game with friends as well as playing stupid comps on casual 5v5; Orianna jungle, Hecarim mid... etc. However, I've started playing ranked again slightly competitive, nothing serious but I'll play around 2-3 games a day, tops. After a good initial 10 games at the beginning of the season (7 wins, 3 losses) I went to bronze 2 which, in all honesty due to not playing much in the previous season, I thought was entirely fair and expected). However, since being placed there, i've noticed two things; - There are genuinely some good players in Bronze who, when you look at profiles on lolking, you see they were at least silver 1 last season. - There are players there who genuinely don't know what they're doing, don't care to play the game, and genuinely are just a displeasure to play with. Two examples from the last 24 hours of games which have made me want to write this post; - Played a game the other day with 2 friends. We were struggling to win but it was a close game. Suddenly, 2 players said they had to go and quit the game. Suddenly, it was a 3v5 and we lost. - Played a game where our ADC Varus, at 15 minutes, had 23 cs and had the following build; Doran's blade, mana crystal, boots, and a health crystal. Just for clarities sake, here's a print screen of post game: **This post isn't here to look for sympathy, nor is it here to start a circle jerk of people slagging off the players in their community. It's more for me to vent, see if other people have similar experience in other divisions, and general brainstorming of what people have done to get out of it.**
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