How do some people get gold elo?

First of all I'd like to make clear that this is not a flame thread. I don't easily get mad over losing games and never argue with teammates, but there are just those few times where I have to ask myself: What the fuck? How do some people get gold elo and not even know how to last hit as an adc? How do you have over 800 games played, including 60 in that particular champion and play with mechanics equivalent to that of a new player? How can you have played all those games, gotten all the way to gold elo and not know the vague squary thing on the right side of your screen is a minimap? How have you gotten this far and not trained yourself to immediately look at it when your jungler is spamming pings while getting killed by the enemy jungler while you stand next to him and keep farming? Can somebody explain this to me? What goes on in the minds of those people? I refuse to believe that there are so many that have bought their accounts or boosted their accounts, so whats the deal with it?
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