Do players get punished even if you received no feedback?

I'm asking because there's been a few games lately I thought "surely this guy is getting banned or something" then I report him and nothing happens. Maybe I should lift my expectations whether someone is getting banned so that I don't get disappointed. I you want an example of what happened: So I was playing ranked adc, with Jinx, and my support played Zyra. We were playing against an Ezreal and Karma. Now this Zyra was playing extremely passive and we had no lane pressure. I was juking and evading Ezreal and Karma during the whole laning fase whilst keeping up with farm while being under pressure because the Zyra did nothing. Now our top lane had a bad game and was feeding their Fiora and our mid and bot were going even and I was starting to feel we need to get more aggressive and start getting kills to keep up with this Fiora. (Typing this now I'm thinking I probably should've told the Zyra to be more aggressive). I kept quiet the whole game (still pinging missing and all those stuff, but typed no words). Around the 15 minute mark the Zyra started to flame our top laner and he flamed back and it was going back and forth the whole time. That's when it happened. Around the 20 minute mark the Zyra said to the top laner something like: "stop feeding or else I'm going afk". This is deliberate. But then came the my first words to the chat and I said: "You've been afk the whole game" and the Zyra went afk. I admit I could've, no, should've communicated more with the Zyra early, but the guy's name had the word support in it and he had lvl5 experience on Zyra, I expected him to at least play an average silver Zyra support but I got nothing. Based on his personality if I told him what to do he might have not taken it well. But the fact remains he deliberately went afk, even threatening with it in the chat, and nothing happened to him. Afterwards a surrender vote came up, luckily someone else also said no: I was not about to let him queue another game directly after going afk. Later he came back on. I was fighting bot side and he died top side, not sure if it was intentional, but went afk again directly after dying. Anyways is this kind of behavior not punishable? Or is the report system flawed? It obviously is flamed, what I mean is, is it flawed to a degree that it needs fixing or a rework.

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