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Dear Riot! I would like you to.. nah, damn. I demand you to (sounds funnier, just like your game) give me a 3x FREE WIN in my next promo, or even better, just move my account to Silver. I mean how ******* pathetic and unreal is that? I climbed to a promo 3 times today (3 TIMES), it was all the time falling to like 75-77 LP after unsuccesful series, very good games, nice teams, enjoyable. But when it comes to the "best-of-five" games, suddenly all the time I get shit like this on the screen, every damn time - 3 times today, and its not that 3 matches on pic I'm talking about. I'm talking about 3 "best-of-five" series today. Is it something wrong with me or you just do it in some magic way on purpose to just keep people down in this elo? Don't hit me about CS score, had full build from kills and focused on assasinating enemies since it was the only chance. But is it winnable for anyone? A mid AFK, a support AFK and AD Carry farming jungle camps with 0-8 KDA, not to mention my the highest vision score (after mine) was 13! At min 32??? I'd believe I was just having a bad luck, but come on ... not fcking 9 games one day (3 series x 3 loses). GGWP! This can't be a coincidence. https://ibb.co/7RDL52j https://ibb.co/7SPW7v9
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