What does chat restriciton depend on?

I was wondering what does that depend on [chat restricted for 41 games]. And why is there a mute button.. ok... let me connect these 2 topics. As many could've already guessed I've got a nice chat restriction for 40 games more or less. I've been a cocky player lately but never insulted someone directly. My "violations" were : GG easy, GET REKT m9 XxX , 360 no scope biatchhh. I used to do that just for fun after a sip of whiskey.. Now.. not all the players in my team nor the others found that funny.. Can't they mute me? i am not insulting them directly unless they are 3/15 or stuff like that.. Mute button exists for something, so why do i have to get chat restricted for having some fun every 5 minutes saying something stupid... I understand not everyone can find it funny .. so Mute me.. i wont judge. if u need help i help, if u need gank i gank, do a little ping and i try to be there asap... no need to be cocky.. mute me and have fun playing your game.. And the tribunal actually exists or i get punished depending on the number of people that report me..?
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