Yes, good attitude above all... Or not!

So this is just a topic that includes several themes of, I'd like to think, everyday occurances in most LOL games. Here I am chilled and relaxed first one to pick in ranked and I want something to carry mid. The last dude in our team says he wants mid. I take top and let him go mid. There were two reasons i did that: 1. want to promote healthy play, and not start an argument before the game starts. 2. Make someone happy I guess. 3. Out of fear that he might troll if he doesn't go mid. Well he takes fizz and as it turns out it was his second time he played ranked. Feed and most uncoordinated play I've seen. Well game lost. I just told him that he needs to practise before he goes ranked especially in a very important position such as mid cause by not playing well he drags down the rest of the team. As far as I looked the rest of team was doing a decent job. So I'm placing the blame on him cause he and jinx were the only damage dealers in our team. Game no.2 First in order again. Want mid. Apparently the guy below wants mid. I told him I want to carry and he said I will carry as well. Again for the above reasons i picked another lane. Turns out that he sucked miserably. Everyone was doing fine apart from (you guessed it), the mid. Anyway game lost. Game no.3 In summary ez was adc and he was playing really badly, he even said sorry for the bad play. However, when you are sorry you try to help your team, not run away from team fights, use ulty on creeps and MISS THEM. Use ulty another time on creeps (didn't kill them). Oh I forgot to mention both times we were on team fights. Yeah cool stuff. So sure promote positive behaviour people. Because apparently you can heal with your kind words the troll/afk/feeder or whoever guy is behind the screen. Another game me (malphite) and jinx were going mid with rengard half hp all of us. From the bushes jumps cassiopia and two others cant remember. Cassiopia ultys rengar (unable to move) so since me and jinx were only lvl 5, i didnt have ulty and we had half hp and they all got full hp we decided to run away. Sure we left rengar there but until he unfroze we would have been dead, and then so would he. So better one death than three. Anyway rengard wanted to report us for not helping. Help with what? I'm a tank which throws rocks that deal no dmg so they would target jinx then me then rengar. I ask him why report us, because we didnt do what you wanted us to do? He said someting like f* you noob idiot. I said: you can't even make an argument. His reply: shut up noob. I will go troll. Although we won the game he was also fighting with the enemy jungler and raging and stuff. The point I'm trying to make is, such players can't change. Healthy behaviour my a*. And you know I can understand this happening in real life, that the police=tribunal, punishes the criminal=troll and the civilian can't do much. But this is A GAME. Why do we have so restained control over the game we play. I have seen many games that have applied systems such as control an afk player, or votekick. Why are they not applied here? Since healthy behaviour doesn't work why don't we get more control over negative behaviour? I have suggested in another discussion how to prevent trollers and feeders from ruining the game. New skins and stuff are what's hot on LOL updates. Important stuff like troll prevention or afk control don't even exist. And trust me. Even if the trolls are reported and banned there are hundrends of thousands more out there. I lost 6 promos in a row because in every single game (no exaggeration) i had trollers and afk. In one game it was even 2vs5... And no. People don't lose promos only because they are bad, but because of trollers and afks or even in-game people who rage all the time. How can you cope with that? Yes luck. That is the only option that Riot offers us against trollers. Lastly, correct me if I'm wrong but there is no way in the main page of LOL to see how much ping you have right? Well I have read suggestion from people, that actually suggest to put an option to tell you how much ping you have. Other games do it. If someone has like 600 ping and he doesnt know, then goes in a game and is afk all the time or lags, isn't that negative for his team, while he could have avoided this situation if he just looked at the main page for his ping. I don't know why exactly Riot doesn't do this but I have my theories.
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